Green Hair, Don’t Care

I dyed my hair blonde (accidentally) for the first time in centuries, as blonde makes my face look pink. One of my resolutions is to change my hair color frequently and vibrantly this year, or for at least six months. My bathroom lighting makes colors looks strange, so while my hair looks orange in the picture, it was much lighter in real life. I used Splat’s Lightening Bleach kit to rid my hair of the faded burgundy, then put a generic platinum blonde over it.

I went to Sally’s Beauty Salon and picked up some Argan Oil Perfect Intensity Semi-Permanent Vibrant Color in emerald green.

So far, I’m loving the color. It’s supposed to last six to eight washes, which is perfect as I plan to change the colors once a month. The color was simple┬áto apply as my hair is short, but it spread around easily. I’m thinking I’ll try an Argan Oil blue shade next month.