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Christmas 2016 – New Year’s 2017

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve and Day was amazing, in spite of Dad’s accident. On Christmas Eve, the kiddos opened their traditional matching pajama sets from Gymboree, which I managed to snag a picture of before letting Elias sample the cookies and make a chocolatey mess all over himself. Emily came over and we decorated a Wilton’s pre-baked gingerbread mini house party kit (phew, that’s a mouthful!) and I baked chocolate chip cookies for Santa. I found a Santa-Tracker app on my phone, so it was fun showing the kids where Santa was located and when he’d arrive at our house. It was exciting for them as they hurried to bed. James swears he heard sleigh bells, so they hurried to bed before midnight.

Christmas Day was relaxing that morning. Everyone basically got what they wanted, plus some cool extra stuff. Santa only drops off one thing for each kid now (so much easier), so Zac and I buy whatever else. This year the big kids wanted robots. I blame cable TV in Dad’s room for all the commercials. So James only wanted an interactive R2D2 and Leah wanted a Zoomer cat. Santa brought her a Meowzie (Zoomer kitten) and she was disappointed that it didn’t roll, despite having wheels. She’s come to like it, though. And Elias has been glued to his new rocking horse.


We went to Sean’s for New Year’s. We arrived early enough for the kids to play for a little while before having to go to bed. Sean introduced us to his lady-friend, Erica, who Leah just loved to pieces. Erica is into Minecraft on a level similar to James’ so they’re all basically BFFs. Mom had bought tickets for the Polar Express train ride in New Orleans prior to Dad’s accident, so since they couldn’t go, we brought Marie and Francesca. It was such a fun experience. The kids loved it and it was nice going with Zac’s family.

Jessie invited us over to watch fireworks, but it rained all weekend. We hung out and she dolled me up all fancy while Zac picked up a pizza. She even baked some chocolate macarons, O.M.G. They were delicious. The big kids played with Orrin and his super cool Millennium Falcon hovercraft while us grownups enjoyed coffee and conversation. Elias was on such great behavior, we kinda forgot he was around, haha.

It was a great weekend, even in the rain. Karen came to stay with us for a few days to help watch Dad since it’s difficult for me to give him 100% attention when I’ve got kids to worry about.

We had our first snow of the year. I say snow, but it’s really ice. Cold, slippery ice. The kids are loving it, though, even without shoes.
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2016, micro post

You ever feel like Robin Williams in Jumanji when he’s back from the jungle and asks, “What year is it?” because you’ve been away from a blog for so long? I do.

It’s 2016. Incredible, a new year. I started writing and saving drafts, but just decided to backspace the whole thing, have an alcoholic beverage, and just wing it.

I bought a pair of beautiful boots from Target. When we left for Sean’s, I was wearing some comfy slippers Zac bought me for Christmas. I completely forgot to pack my damn shoes. Target had a pair of boots on sale from about $50 to $25.

We hung out in New Orleans and went to the mall, then ate lunch at Reginelli’s to see Joey and hang out with Jessie.
At Sean’s, to bring in the New Year, we lit sparklers, ate king cake (baby wasn’t included, despite the label), and watched Ant Man. I’m a little surprised my kiddos were ready for bed before midnight arrived.
We were able to visit Mawmaw and Marie, but I forgot to give Mawmaw her gift. I’m hoping we can visit again soon. We just had too much fun this time.
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New Year’s 2014

Emily and Alex came to stay with us for New Year’s. Marie invited us to her house to shoot fireworks and eat snacky foods. We had a fun time.
My parents came with Abbi to stay with us, so our apartment was full of family. They brought me a dollhouse that once belonged to my younger cousin, Christina. Fun fact: I’ve wanted a dollhouse my whole life. I asked for one every birthday, Christmas, just-because-day, etc. and never got one. At the lovely age of 30, I receive a hand-me-down dollhouse that needs hardcore re-vamping. Don’t get me wrong, I plan to fix it up, but there’s a disappointment behind the gesture. Mom even told me, “Be glad you got one now that you’re old so you can fix it up. If you had one when you were little you wouldn’t have taken care of it.”


I’m too old to play with it, but I guess I could adopt a new hobby of tinkering with it. I’ll be the grandma with the antique doll house that “should be looked at but never played with”.

Speaking of old: I fell off the curb over the weekend. I’ve got a patch of skin missing on my right knee, which still leaves me limping. Both knees are bruised pretty badly.
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New Year’s Eve 2012

Christmas has passed and I’ve got no pictures from this year. In my defense, I had the flu, which was passed to James, then Zac, then Leah. We spent Christmas laying around, taking medications, eating soup, and watching Christmas movies. We’re mostly better now, though both kids have a cough that won’t go away. We were able to make our trip to Louisiana. I forgot to make my to-pack list, so I forgot a few things that I wouldn’t normally forget: James’ nebulizer, for example. Luckily, he didn’t need it.

So far on this Louisiana trip, we’ve visited Mawmaw and Marie, then Joey and Jessie. It’s the very last day of 2012: New Year’s Eve, which means tomorrow will make two whole years for me being cigarette-free.
Resolutions for the helluvit:
  • Stop being a chubby bunny and work out every day. EVERY day.
  • Draw.
  • Crochet more things.
  • Read a book a month or more.
  • Spend more quality time with the kids.
  • Drink more tea and less coffee.
  • Get tattooed at least once this year.
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New Year’s 2012

The holidays have passed, the kids are asleep, and I’m watching Weeds with Zac. 
We went to Louisiana to see friends and family for Christmas. Mawmaw always has the prettiest tree.
At Mawmaw’s with Francesca
Visiting Jessie and Joey
We stayed with Sean and exchanged gifts with Kallan and Fallyn. James even lost his first tooth! He was jumping on the bed with Kallan and Leah when it happened. Leah ran to the den, freaked out and screaming, “Bubba’s bleetin’! Bubba’s gonna die in the hostiddle!” She’s definitely a drama queen.
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New Year’s 2011

Happy New Year. I haven’t written in a very long time, it seems. I’ve just been feeling lazy.
My bunnies are finally in bed for the night after some very silly silly-time. They’re sharing a bed right now, but I might have to move them to their own beds since I’m fairly positive they won’t sleep. Tonight, James is sleeping in underwear for the first time. I hope he doesn’t have an accident, but I’m expecting it, just in case. It’s a big step, though! He’s proud of himself. Leah also used the potty all by herself tonight. I don’t know what I’m going to do with all this growing up.
I’ve started knitting a purse/satchel, which is incredibly boring because I’m knitting in the round and it’s the same motion over and over and over. I also really hate making button holes.
This is my first mobile post. It’s convenient.
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