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The Circus

It’s been such a nice weekend! The weather has been cool-not-cold and nobody has suffered with allergies. I was picking up dinner from Fernando’s earlier in the week and saw a box of many “Free Child’s Ticket” to the Star Family Circus. I grabbed three and marked the calendar. I have only ever been to one other circus in my life, long ago, and can’t remember much of it. I recall it reminded me of Dumbo, complete with the large, red circus tent and performing wild animals. It bothered me watching elephants and tigers being whipped, so I didn’t want to go again. Clowns also bother me. However, the Star Family Circus only uses trained dogs who are treated with bits of hot dog when they perform.

I gave the big kids some cash so they could buy coloring books and cotton candy (Elias thought the cotton candy was a magical experience). In the beginning of the show, they sat up front for a better view. All in all, it was a fun experience for the kids and us as a family.