About Me

I’m Amy, a regular cool mom and wife, living in the middle of Mississippi. You won’t find too many Pinterest-inspired projects, fitness tips, or healthy recipes here, but I can offer you a sarcastic comment and a cup of tea for your trouble. Instead, I blog about the little and big things that happen in my personal life that I want to reflect on someday.
* * * * *
My family:
Zac is my handsome, nerdy best friend and other half.
We met in June 2004 through a mutual friend. I kept him in the friend-zone for a few months before he won me over and I fell head-over-heels in love with him. We started dating in August 2004 and have been practically inseparable (much to the disgust of our peers) ever since.
He’s the Jack to my Sally. We’re simply meant to be.
Together, we have three super-rad kiddos. James is the eldest; then Leah in the middle; and lastly, our rainbow baby, Elias. They’ve taught me patience, self-restraint, and unconditional love for another person while simultaneously questioning my sanity. I’m probably biased, but they’re by far the most awesome little humans I’ve ever met.
Our pets are a trio of unlikely buddies consisting of two small-breed dogs, Toby and Ruby, and a cat named Fig.