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Another Louisiana Trip

I had written about a mile of words and accidentally pressed “undo” and the entire post in all it’s well-articulated glory was deleted… Restrained fury is about as well as can be described for current mood status.
Zac and I planned a trip to Louisiana and were going to leave Wednesday. After he was given his requested days off, I discovered the St. Patrick’s parade was going to be the Sunday prior to our departure. Luckily, he was able to switch with a co-worker and we left Saturday.
I woke the kids early Sunday morning, texted Jessie to find out our meet-up plans, then we headed across the lake. Most of March has been nothing but rain, thunderstorms, and major flooding in the south, so we were excited that Sunday was a breezy, sunshiney day. We met up with Jessie at her home, packed up a few snacks and covered ourselves in sunscreen, then left to find a parking spot within walking distance of a parade view. I found us an unoccupied bench, perfect for little kiddos to stand on to see everything, plus a large walled fence for shade. We caught a bunch of potatoes and carrots, a few cabbages and lemons, but mostly beads (which we left behind). Jessie and I received drunken kisses in exchange for silk flowers, which we gave to Leah. Elias slept most of the time, only waking once or twice from being startled by loud music.
Monday, we headed to Slidell to see Mawmaw and Marie. Elias is crazy about Mawmaw. He smiled just about the whole time at her. Marie has a new puppy named Charlie, so all the kids went bananas.  He’s a fluffy little thing. Marie gave Leah some clothes Francesca outgrew, most of which are dance outfits and have glitter on them, so Leah was excited to get them. She’s already started wearing a few as “fancy pajamas”. We couldn’t stay long as we were meeting Sean at Ihop for dinner. Leah’s been dying for Ihop for about three months now. The ones in Mississippi are just atrocious in both service and quality of food, so we haven’t been back for quite some time.
A few weeks ago, I was at choir practice and the music leader mentioned going to New Orleans with his wife and granddaughters to see China Lights. I looked it up online and it sounded amazing, so I convinced Zac to take us on Tuesday (after shopping for Tsum Tsums at the Disney store). He was leaning towards the zoo or aquarium, but I’m glad the China Lights won. It was absolutely beautiful.
On Wednesday, I met up with Chaliese. We used to go to church together when we were in high school. She’s still just as sweet, just as pretty. I haven’t seen her in at least ten or so years. How crazy! The next time we’re in Louisiana will probably be May. Elias’ has been a clingy little beast all week, so this post has taken a while to get finished.

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