6 months, elias

Elias 6 months

This post is late because the 9th was Mardi Gras, as well as National Pizza Day, so there were some distractions.

Elias is halfway to being a whole year old. What! How?

Couldn’t resist a pic of three neck-less kiddos.
He’s already eating baby food, usually once a day but we’re going to bump him up to twice a day.  So far, he’s not a picky eater, but he’s only had a few things to sample. He’s drinking eight-ounce bottles and wearing size three diapers. Recently, he learned to push onto his knees, but usually alligator-crawls to get from A to B. His little knees are pink from creeping around so much. It’s hard to change his diaper, unless he’s got a distraction, otherwise, he’s rolling away. I plan to talk to his pediatrician next week to see about giving him juice. I’m not quite ready to wean him just yet and he still searches for me to nurse him, so I’ll continue that a while longer.

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