kids, moving, parenting, summer, ultrasound

Moving… again.

Zac and I are in the process of moving, yet again. We’ve been toying with the idea of living with my parents again for the past few months. I liked being on my own, but Zac wants to go back to school. He won’t be able to go while working full-time, so we’ve decided to sacrifice our privacy for two years. So, the parents rented out their house to Carlton and Rachel, bought a second home near our apartment, and we’ve been slowly bringing our things over.

The best part, aside from cheaper rent and more space? My pumpkins have a yard to play in, finally! We’re going to be purchasing a swing set in a week or so and Zac’s getting a much-deserved grill for Father’s Day. I’m so excited to smell steak and sit outside with a cold virgin beverage with my belly in the shade. And my littlest pumpkin is healthy as can be, upside down, and cute as can be. His eyes were open for the scan. I can see Zac’s nose, my lips, and chubby little cheeks. His hand was dramatically placed across his forehead. Oh, I just can’t wait to meet him!


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