apartment, christmas, crochet, fall, ladybugs, mississippi, moved


It’s official. We’re completely moved to Mississippi aside from a few things we left behind that we will have to pick up later (bicycles, clothes hangers, patio furniture…).
I really love our new place. I love that I have a sliding glass door to the balcony, complete with a screen. I love that I have a view of tree tops and leaves and not a neighbor’s building. I love the carpet and that I have a real dining room and places for everything. The only thing lacking: washer and dryer. We’re going to get one eventually, but for now, we drive 20 minutes once a week to wash clothes at my parents’.

Ladybugs are everywhere today. I’ve counted at least 13 on the balcony railing and a few more on the window. I love them and it’s better than being surrounded by wasps.

I miss my old co-workers. It’s weird not seeing them as often. I don’t miss making cookies and smelling batter, though.

I put our fake Christmas tree up (it will come down once we get a real one next week) and have started decorating it with homemade ornaments, mainly to see how many more I need to make to fill it up. I’ve got a few Christmas-colored crochet “mints” and even (successfully) created some cinnamon-scented ornaments. Now I’m working on snowflakes. So many snowflakes.
I’m excited for Christmas. I plan to go shopping sometime next week while I’m off. This year, I told the kids that Santa was going to surprise them with gifts that aren’t toys. It should be fun.

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