birthday, party

Birthday Party and Other Fun Things

The past few days have been busy. We had the kids’ birthday party on Saturday and everyone had fun. I made a pizza-cake (recipe found HERE), thanks to some ideas on Pinterest. Since the jump-around wasn’t so fun last year for Orrin, we bought a Slip-N-Slide, which was a huge success.

James and I spent some quality time together on Sunday. He’s been feeling a little neglected since Leah has been acting so clingy. I brought him with me, just us, to visit Fallyn at the coffee shop. I bought him a cookie and a smoothie and we went to B&BW to smell candles and buy him some chapstick. Fallyn and Kallan came over Sunday night for dinner and so Kallan could get her goody bag from the birthday.

Monday, Jessie and Joey invited us to go to Cafe Du Monde for beignets and to the park so the kids could play.

Nick invited us to his house for games. I met his girlfriend, Vanessa, as well as talked with some people I used to be friends with years ago, like Stan and Rachel. Kyle and Claire also came and Claire brought her little girl named Maddie, who Leah just loved. We played a game called Quelf, which encourages humiliation of all players. We didn’t get back to Sean’s until after midnight.
I was talking to Rachel about our kids and found that her son, Dylan, takes Singulair for his allergies like James and that one of its side-effects are “aggitation, including aggressive behavior or hostility” which might explain why James is having trouble at school. I’m going to talk to his pediatrician about changing the prescription because I miss my sweet boy.

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