birthday, dentist, teeth

Birthday Prep

I managed to get to the dentist for a cleaning. I don’t think I’ve had a cleaning in about… three years? I have to go back to get one of my fillings filed down since it has a sharp edge and has the potential to break. I have one cavity underneath a previous filling and another cavity on one of my molars. Other than that, everything is peachy. I can’t stop licking my teeth! They’re just so clean.
I unloaded a bunch of boxes at work, so my back is killing me. I’ve also come to hate when people refer to a fragrance as a flavor. It’s just bizarre to me. You don’t taste it!
I baked so much cake Thursday night! I made red velvet cupcakes, almond cupcakes, plus two miniature four-layered cakes (one of each flavor) for the kids.
Sean is staying with us this weekend. He’s going to make Chicken Marsala tomorrow and then we’re going to Aidan’s first birthday party.

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