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J&Q Wedding

Yesterday, I picked Jena up and met her mom and Amanda at the nail salon. It was my first experience in the popular land of Strange and Unusual…

To sum it up: No, salon lady, I would not like a pedicure. Your blank stare is unacceptable. Please stop showing me where the ladies’ room is. That is not what I asked.
While my nails were being painted:
Asian lady says: “Your baby, she look Asian. She Asian baby?”
Me: “No ma’am, she’s Mexican, actually.”
Asian lady: “Noooo I see her before. She Asian! She has Asian eyes.”
Me: “No ma’am. This is the first time I’ve been in here.”
Asian lady: “She your baby? I see her before. She Asian.”
Me (politely, but through gritted teeth): “No, she’s actually MY baby. She’s Mexican, not Asian. and no, you haven’t seen her before.”
Asian lady: Yes I see her before. She come in all the time.”
I put the conversation on Facebook and Patty said, “I dunno, she sounds pretty certain that she’s seen your Asian baby before. Are you sure you’re not the one mistaken?” Ha!
The highlight of the day: I met Jenny in person! I’ve been DYING to meet her in person since we started talking so long ago. She’s so amazing and witty. We both said it felt like we were meeting a celebrity for the first time!
Best Friends.
Today I met up with Jena at her condo and we rode with Amanda, Brenda and Dana to the hair/makeup salon. I got my hair drowned in hairspray and hair gel styled, and got my makeup plastered layer after layer on my face applied. I don’t know how women do this on a daily basis.
Once all of us ladies were purtied up real nice, we went to Patton’s. TMI moment just for you: all of us but Dana are bleeding at the same time. Tampon party! Okay, enough of that mess (ha, get it?)
We did the wedding thing, which was nice. Jena was a lovely bride. She and I danced together to Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back.

I’m missing Jenny something awful. I even cried in the car on the way home. I wish we lived closer together. She took this pic of our family for me.

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