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Trip to Louisiana and other things

I haven’t had much time to sit and type for a while.

Meredith gave birth to Baby Wes yesterday. I’ve got a second nephew after so many nieces! His hair is blonde and crazy.

James is a little over nine months old. He’s starting to feed himself with a spoon (it’s so messy!) and loves being outside. He says a few things, like “ba-ba” and “go”. Everything is “go”. Spoons, Zoey, trees, etc.

Zac and I met up with Katie at T.G.I. Friday’s in Hattiesburg on our way to Sean’s. Tonight we went with Sean to see The Number 23. We were late, but since we were the only ones in the theater, they restarted it for us. Unfortunately, the advertisement timer didn’t restart, so ads were popping up towards the end. It was weird to see Jim Carrey in a dramatic role.

We’re going back to Mississippi tomorrow. I wish we could stay in Louisiana longer, but such is life. These trips are too short. I’m just happy Bud is such a good traveler. He never makes a peep the whole way.


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