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A&Z Wedding 10/13/06

The month of October has been crazy. Jena has been here for a few days and I’ve been getting ready for the wedding. We went to the Mississippi State Fair a few nights ago and rode all the fast, puke-inducing rides. I didn’t take any pictures, but next year I will.

Earlier this month, Zac and I did some ring-shopping and picked out a matching set of white-gold bands. We found a bakery down the street and ordered a three-tiered red velvet wedding cake and I baked the chocolate heart-shaped groom’s cake. Meredith picked out autumn-colored marigolds and arranged my bouquet. Mom took me shopping and I found a $17 white prom dress and a cheap-but-cute pair of white sandals. Aunt Janie took pictures for our scrapbook. Dad walked me down the aisle to Danny Elfman’s “Ice Dance”. Emily and Jena stood by me, while Sean and Kyle stood by Zac. Matt officiated our marriage. I said my vows first, then Zac followed with, “I, Amanda…”. It was funny. We drank orange punch, fed each other cake, and indulged in fruit, vegetables, and sandwiches that Meredith and Mom provided. I’m married to my other half and best friend and am so completely blessed.

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